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Medical Cleaning Case Study

Medical Cleaning in Northampton and Milton Keynes

Minster Cleaning Northampton and Milton Keynes is an experienced provider of quality healthcare cleaning, servicing several primary care medical practices in the local area. The service includes helping these customers meet CQC compliance requirements and meeting the new NHS National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness.

These customers include a large, well-established medical practice in Northampton which the branch has been cleaning for almost 10 years. The practice operates out of a three-storey building and has 10 GPs, 9 nurses and looks after the primary clinical needs of 22,000 patients in the local area.

Minster Cleaning Northampton and Milton Keynes has 4 cleaners that clean 50 hours a week at the medical practice so that standards are consistently met. An area supervisor oversees the contract to ensure any required changes can be quickly accommodated and, if any minor issues occur, can be dealt with before they become problems.

Services provided include daily cleaning to all areas (clinical and non-clinical), specialist deep cleaning on request (floor scrub, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning), bi-monthly window cleaning and the supply and maintenance of all washroom dispensers and products.

Regular inspections and audits form part of the service to ensure the agreed cleaning plan is being strictly followed at all times.

Minster Cleaning Northampton and Milton Keynes was pleased to receive the following great feedback from the medical practice when asked about the service provided.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your cleaning to Minster Cleaning?

The benefits of outsourcing our cleaning requirements are that we are confident that we can rely on Minster Cleaning to get the job done without us having to. (They) manage a team of cleaners and the supply of cleaning equipment.

How has Minster Cleaning helped you meet CQC required standards of cleanliness in your practice?

Because Minster Cleaning have the experience and work practices to meet CQC requirements, we have been able to pass all of the inspections that we have had.

How has Minster Cleaning helped you throughout the pandemic so far?

The cleaning team has worked hard to deliver a service during a troubling time and, because of their hard work, we have been able to keep the building open for business.

Are you happy with the level of contact you receive from the Minster Cleaning team?

The contact I have with the main office is fantastic. Any emails or phone calls are dealt with promptly and the cleaning supervisor is always on the end of the phone if needed.


Would you recommend Minster Cleaning to another medical practice?

Yes. I would definitely recommend Minster Cleaning to anyone who requires someone to take over the cleaning of their practice or business. It is nice to know that Minster Cleaning will deliver a professional service with no fuss or problems and supply you with staff you can trust to get the job done.

Nick Barber, director at Minster Cleaning Northampton and Milton Keynes comments, “We pride ourselves on providing a service that is reliable, consistent, trustworthy, friendly, flexible and great value. I am delighted with the kind feedback received from this medical practice as it validates my team’s commitment to deliver these service values.”