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What are your cleaning supplier’s values?

Just as your organisation’s values are important in defining what it stands for and how it operates, the same should apply to any prospective cleaning supplier. Their values should align with your expectations and give you an indication of the standard of service you are likely to receive.

If you are looking for a new office cleaning contractor, you may wish to ask them about their values.

Minster Cleaning’s values are as follows:


We understand that our customers need us to be there when we say we will – without fail. That’s why we are as meticulous about managing cover for sickness or holidays as we are about our cleaning.

We are proactive in ensuring that the high levels of service we provide are not compromised. We implement stringent, regular quality control checks on the standards of cleaning conducted at our customers’ premises. We also communicate regularly with our customers to identify and address potential issues before they become problems.


We are open and honest in our dealings with our customers. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t be trusted by thousands of customers across the UK to clean their premises, both in and out of working hours. Our rigorous recruitment policies include, where applicable, additional security checks for safeguarding our customers’ employees, processes and premises.


We know that the needs of our customers can change over time. Our regular reviews mean that we clean our customers’ premises to match these changes. We also understand our customers will sometimes have short notice requirements and we aim to meet these wherever possible.


We are nice people to do business with! We genuinely care about our customers and the level of service we provide for them. We regularly engage with our customers to ensure they remain delighted with our service levels and to receive and act on feedback. From time to time, when problems do arise, we make every effort to resolve them both quickly and effectively.


As a team, we are all fully committed to delivering great service to our customers. Whether meeting with the business owner, calling our office support team or speaking with members of our field-based team, our customers can rest assured that we are all 100% dedicated to delivering the very best service we can for them.

To help us effectively deliver our service promises, we need to have engagement and buy-in from our office, field supervisory and cleaning teams. A set of defined behaviours / expectations related to each value and for each type of role and has been defined to help facilitate this buy-in.

As an example, some of the expected behaviours for our cleaning operatives that relate to our values break down as follows:


  • Attend on time every time – no unauthorised absences
  • If sick or unable to attend work for any other reason, phone the office as soon as possible. The further in advance the better to help us plan.


  • Follow the cleaning spec so you don’t forget anything – provide great service every time
  • Clean at the agreed time, every time – don’t change your times


  • Never short change the customer – do your full time!
  • Don’t make excuses. If we get it wrong, be honest and say sorry


  • If you see dirt, remove it
  • If the customer needs something, try and do it for them


  • Be kind, helpful and supportive to colleagues and customers
  • Smile, it helps!

Great Value

  • Care and give great service
  • Be friendly but always get on with your job. Don’t keep chatting

Our values are reinforced during our recruitment process (advertisements and interviews) to assist us in attracting and employing people who can relate to them and apply them in their roles.

They are also reinforced on an ongoing basis during induction and training, employment reviews and employee communications.

If you want these values from your cleaning contractor, please click here to find your nearest branch to arrange a quote!