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Time to renew your office cleaning arrangements in 2023?

Whether you used a contractor or managed your cleaning in-house, how pleased were you with your office cleaning arrangements last year?

Consider whether you were happy with the following:

  • Quality of cleaning
  • Consistency of cleaning standards
  • Reliability (of cleaning operatives)
  • Flexibility of service
  • Overall value for money

If you weren’t entirely satisfied with the above criteria, or even if they were just ok, perhaps it’s time for a change.

Choosing the right commercial cleaning provider for your organisation requires careful consideration. Making the right choice will help to ensure your premises are clean and hygienic (essential as we continue to contend with the pandemic), without disruptions and that you are paying a competitive price.

A wrong decision can lead to poor service including substandard cleaning, irregular / missed cleans, increased risk of workplace infections (and resulting staff absences) and your wasted time trying to get issues addressed. If this sounds familiar, please download our FREE handy guide which details the 7 key factors you should consider before appointing a new office / commercial cleaning contractor.