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Spotlight on Dunstable

Minster Cleaning provides office and commercial cleaning services throughout the UK, not only to the major cities but also to many of the smaller towns & villages. It is a long-established brand that delivers reliable, high quality and great value cleaning to over 5000 organisations.

We are so proud of our local cleaning heritage, including office cleaning in Dunstable, that we are running a series of articles on some of these localities to spotlight business areas and local places of interest.

Dunstable is a market town located in the county of Bedfordshire, approximately 30 miles north of London.

Locations close to Dunstable include Luton, Toddington, Houghton Regis, Leighton Buzzard, Stanbridge, Tilsworth, Totternhoe, Hockliffe, Tebworth, Chalton, Eaton Bray, Edlesborough, and Caddington.

Areas in Dunstable include Beecroft, Priory, Stipers Hill and Downside.

Dunstable benefits from various sectors contributing to its economic activity. Some key areas are as follows:

  1. Retail and Commerce: Dunstable has a vibrant retail sector, with the town centre and surrounding areas hosting numerous shops, supermarkets, and businesses. The shopping centre and Dunstable High Street are hubs for retail activity, attracting shoppers from the local community and surrounding areas.
  2. Logistics and Distribution: Dunstable’s strategic location near major transport routes, including the M1 motorway, makes it an ideal location for logistics and distribution companies. The town is home to several large distribution centres and warehouses, which benefit from efficient access to road networks and serve as distribution hubs for goods and products.
  3. Manufacturing and Engineering: Dunstable has a history of manufacturing and engineering, with companies operating in sectors such as aerospace, automotive, and electronics. The town’s industrial estates, such as Woodside Industrial Estate and Dunstable Industrial Estate, accommodate manufacturing facilities and support businesses in these sectors.
  4. Services Sector: Dunstable’s economy is supported by a range of service industries, including professional services, healthcare, education, and hospitality. The town is home to various businesses and institutions providing services to residents and businesses, contributing to employment and economic activity.
  5. Technology and Innovation: Dunstable has a growing technology sector, with companies specialising in software development, IT services, and digital media. The town’s proximity to London and access to skilled labour make it an attractive location for technology businesses, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.
  6. Construction and Development: Dunstable experiences ongoing construction and development activity, with projects ranging from residential developments to commercial and infrastructure projects. Construction firms, contractors, and developers contribute to the local economy through employment and investment in the built environment.

Overall, these sectors, among others, contribute to Dunstable’s economic vitality and make it a dynamic and diverse town within Bedfordshire.