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Spotlight on Armagh

Minster Cleaning provides office and commercial cleaning services throughout the UK, not only to the major cities but also to many of the smaller towns & villages. It is a long-established brand that delivers reliable, high quality and great value cleaning to over 5000 organisations.

We are so proud of our local cleaning heritage, including office cleaning in Armagh, that we are running a series of articles on some of these localities to spotlight business areas and local places of interest.

Armagh is a city in Northern Ireland in County Armagh located in the BT60 and BT61 postcode areas. It is close to Killylea, Allistragh, Edenaveys, Killeen and Milford.

Some key areas contributing to the economy of Armagh include:

  1. Agriculture: Agriculture is a significant contributor to the economy of Armagh and the surrounding rural areas. The region is known for its fertile land, and agriculture plays a crucial role in food production, particularly in the cultivation of apples, which has earned Armagh the nickname “The Orchard County.”


  1. Food Processing: Armagh has a thriving food processing industry, benefiting from its agricultural resources. The region is home to several food processing facilities that process fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural products, contributing to the local economy and providing employment opportunities.


  1. Retail and Hospitality: Retail and hospitality sectors play a vital role in Armagh’s economy, with the city centre and surrounding areas hosting numerous shops, restaurants, cafes, and hotels. The retail sector caters to both local residents and tourists, while the hospitality sector benefits from the city’s historical and cultural attractions.


  1. Public Services and Education: Armagh serves as a hub for public services, including healthcare, education, and administration, contributing to the local economy through employment and service provision. The city is home to healthcare facilities, schools, colleges, and government offices.


  1. Tourism and Heritage: Armagh’s rich history, heritage, and cultural attractions make it a popular destination for tourists. The city is known for its historical sites, including Armagh Cathedral, Navan Fort, and the Armagh Observatory and Planetarium. Tourism contributes to the local economy through visitor spending, hospitality services, and cultural events.


  1. Manufacturing and Engineering: While not as prominent as in some other areas, Armagh has a small manufacturing and engineering sector. The region is home to companies involved in manufacturing, construction, and engineering, contributing to employment and economic activity.

Overall, these sectors, among others, contribute to the economic vibrancy of Armagh, supporting employment, business growth, and the overall prosperity of the city and surrounding region.