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What you should expect from your commercial cleaning provider

Turning up to clean as and when agreed, delivering consistently high cleaning standards, regular communication and being flexible to your changing requirements are not unreasonable expectations of your commercial cleaning provider. Please take a moment to consider the following questions about the service you currently receive:

Does your commercial cleaning contractor have provisions in place to ensure you receive the same quality service in the event of any planned or unplanned absences of cleaning operatives?

Employing a team of mobile / relief cover cleaning operatives makes it easier for a cleaning provider to cover for any absences. The team should have easy access to your cleaning specification so that they can ensure that your premises are cleaned to the agreed requirements in the event of any absences.

Are procedures and monitoring systems in place to ensure that the cleaning is done to the same quality standards during every visit?

Ideally your office cleaning contractor employs a team of supervisors who monitor cleaning standards on an ongoing basis. Regular inspections and audits can help in this respect.

Supervisors / the office team should be readily available for you to report any issues with cleaning standards if or when they arise. Where identified, issues should be addressed quickly and resolved to your satisfaction.

Are you happy with the level of communication from your cleaning contractor and are key contacts easily accessible for any queries or issues you wish to raise?

Poor communication can lead to a breakdown in the relationship between a customer and supplier. This can be avoided by regular, ongoing, proactive contact from a cleaning contractor to customers and clear lines of communication for customers to be able to get in touch when needed. Further information can be viewed here.

Do you sometimes have changing office cleaning requirements and, if so, are these being met?

Wherever possible, your supplier should be doing their best to accommodate any changes you need to the service you receive such as short notice cleaning outside of the agreed specification, changes in cleaning frequencies, changes to cleaning times or changes to areas you wish to be cleaned.

Here at Minster Cleaning we receive enquiries from many potential customers who are not happy with one or more of the above service elements. If you are in the same position, it may be time to consider other options…

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