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Floor Treatment

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Do your hard floor surfaces need bringing back to life?

We provide a professional hard floor treatment service that gives your building the finishing touch it deserves.

Our floor treatment service caters for a range of hard floor types, ensuring each is cleaned using the correct method for the best results and without risk of damage. Please see below some of the ways we can help:

    • Polished floors will inevitably degrade over time. From time to time, it will be necessary to strip and reseal (polish) your hard floors. Our specialised service can be arranged on a frequency that best meets your requirements.
    • Non-slip floors are great for safety, but it is difficult to preserve their clean looking appearance with just regular floor cleaning. Some non-slip floors are semi-porous which over time allow dirt to become absorbed. They can begin to look stained and dirty, even though the surface of the floor has been cleaned. Periodic professional cleaning of this type of floor allows us to significantly improve, and in many cases completely restore the clean appearance of the floors.

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