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Floor Treatment

Are your hard floor surfaces looking tired? If so, try our floor treatment service.

We provide a professional hard floor treatment service that gives your building the finishing touch it deserves.

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In addition to ongoing polishing of your hard floor surfaces so that they continue to shine, we also restore tired and faded hard floor surfaces to their original finish.

Polished floors will inevitably degrade over a period of time depending on volume of traffic. Use of a proprietary floor maintainer as part of the normal routine cleaning cycle will help to prolong a high lustre. However, from time to time, it will be necessary to strip and reseal (polish) your hard floors. This specialised service can be arranged on a frequency basis that best meets your organisation’s requirements, by Minster Cleaning Services.

Many existing clients have non-slip floors on their sites. Whilst these are great for safety, it is difficult with just regular floor cleaning to preserve their clean looking appearance long term. Some non-slip floors are of a semi-porous nature, which over time allow dirt to become absorbed. As a consequence they can begin to look stained and dirty, even though the surface of the floor has been cleaned. Once this happens, it is virtually impossible to provide a clean-looking finish with just a sweep and mop alone.

Periodic professional cleaning of this type of floor allows us to significantly improve and in many cases completely restore the clean appearance of the floors, by bringing the ground-in dirt to the surface, and allowing us to clean this away effectively.

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