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Workplace hygiene and your duty of care

Managing Covid-19 risks in your workplace

It is a legal requirement to ensure your workplace is safe for staff and visitors. Are your premises cleaned sufficiently frequently, reliably and to the required standards to minimise Covid-19 risks to your workforce? If you have any concerns, our quality cleaning and hygiene service can help you safeguard your employees.

Bringing healthcare cleaning experience to your workplace

The healthcare sector is our biggest customer and we have many years of experience cleaning to the rigorous standards that are required. We can bring this experience to your premises, providing your employees with peace of mind that they are safe in their workplace.

Helping you protect your staff with a Covid-19 secure workplace

  • We will create a daily cleaning schedule to ensure your premises are cleaned to a high standard and sufficiently often. This will include particular focus on frequent touchpoints and the use of leading disinfectant products.
  • Our service includes managed absence cover to avoid any interruptions in cleaning, helping you maintain a safe working environment for your employees at all times.
  • We will also advise you on measures that you should take to minimise Covid-19 risks when we are not cleaning your premises.
  • We offer a full range of consumable products for purchase, subject to availability, including hand sanitisers, sanitising wipes (for use on keyboards, phones and desk areas), cleaning products for application after contact with commonly touched areas and paper towels.

If you want to find out more about how you and your employees can minimise sickness in the workplace, please click here.

Covid-19 risk assessments

You are required to carry out and update your own Covid-19 risk assessment of your premises. We will also carry out our own risk assessment which will include identifying Covid-19 associated potential risks for our cleaning operatives.

10 point safe working environment factsheet & Covid-19 policy

Please click here to view 10 points you should consider to help keep your premises Covid-19 secure (or view as an INFOGRAPHIC here).  Please contact us to arrange a no obligation consultation and for our Covid-19 Policy.

Have you got a case of Covid-19 in your premises?

It is possible that your organisation has or will be affected by Covid-19 in the workplace. If you suspect a case of Covid-19 at work, there are steps you can take to minimise the effect on your business. Please see here our 3 Steps to take if there is a case or suspected case of Covid-19 in your premises.

Guidance for Minster Cleaning operatives

Please click here for guidance. This is in addition to any specific guidance already provided to you by your Minster Cleaning branch.