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Sussex branch’s upholstery cleaning

In addition to the keyboard and telephone cleaning for a longstanding customer of 9 years in Haywards Heath, aforementioned in our other news post of April 2018.  Our Sussex branch has now taken up upholstery and carpet cleaning!The remaining 2 of the Fantastic 4, Hayden and John, took up the mantle of removing all chairs, meeting and desk chairs alike from 2 floors to our prestige Prochem carpet machine in order to give the a thorough deep clean and stain treatment, subsequently returning them to the rightful places via our swanky system adopted specifically for this site project. Hayden – who had never used the Prochem machine before commented how easy it was to use and how the results made the chairs look brand new! However one downside (or possibly upside… who knows) is that if you are still learning to aim the tool… the upholstery tool.. then you may end up with very wet trousers and shoes – although they will dry very clean and smell pleasant for a long time to come!



In other news,: “Dangerous driver called 999 to demand police stop chasing him during pursuit” Source: BBC NEWS