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Sussex branch commercial cleaning contracts manager nurses honey bees

Our Sussex branch Commercial cleaning Contracts Manager temporarily adopted the role of nurse to some honey-bees found on our estate suffering from the winter cold. As some will know our branch manager keeps bees and his colonies  produce  beautiful Sussex honey! This time of year as the weather turns chilly, bees will form a cluster to keep warm within their hive but any brave enough to venture out in the cold – perhaps to defecate or forage water can be caught out and if so, do not tend to survive. Our friend and landlord, Ronnie, brought in a few she had found lifeless in her chicken water supply. But from just an hour in our cosy office signs of life began to emerge. Julie with the aid of some Facebook advice she received started to spoon feed the bees a mixture of sugar and water at different intervals and by the end of the day it was time to say goodbye to her newly adopted workers to send them back into the world and Paul deposited them in the top of one of the hives. Honey be resuscitation! Just one of the many talents we seem to poses at Minster Cleaning Services Sussex branch.

In other news, 120 new jobs up for grabs at Sussex train stations. (Source: The Argus).