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Minster Sussex's organic honey alongside office cleaning related adventures

Alongside Minster Sussex's office cleaning related adventures this month we have seen the sale of the last of Paul’s bees organic Sussex Honey! Word has got around and we have repeat visitors to the office with no interest in cleaning but with knowledge that the pot of gold does them so much good. Perhaps one of these could be the prize to the cleaner that holds the most organised cleaning cupboard on our sites. 

Paul comments that the 2018 honey crop (harvested at the weekend) looks to be fairly good, with the best performing hive having produced over 60lb of honey. Strangely, this best hive was the one that was knocked over by horses from the neighbouring field during the frosty spell at the beginning of the year; maybe the shake-up did the bees good by causing them to become active.

In other news Shoreham port is setting up an intriguing new service to provide support and wellbeing services to its community. The UKS top Safety expert will be holding training covering other topics such as stress and resilience. Something we could all benefit from learning about. – Source: WORTHING HERALD