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Liverpool and Wirral secures commercial cleaning contract

Minster’s Managing Director for Liverpool and Wirral is delighted to have secured the commercial cleaning contract with a private members health club in Little Crosby.

As part of a larger group of Health Clubs this establishment is regularly audited by the parent company and in recent months had ranked as the lowest for cleanliness.

This clearly could not be allowed to continue, but they were also understandably nervous about who to engage with to resolve the situation especially given that another cleaning provider was already in place but simply not performing.

Hence they undertook a thorough review of potential providers and settled on Minster Cleaning Services due to our approach, local management and track record.

The rapid withdrawal by the existing provider added to the challenge but even after a few weeks the owner commented: “I would just like to thank your team for the great impression your team has made. The club smells clean and fresh and I really appreciate you starting the contract early.”

Tony commented, “Un-professional cleaning companies are all too prevalent letting customers down regularly, so it’s great that we can step in and put this Health Club back at the top of the list for cleanliness.”

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