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Beryl from the Sussex branch celebrates ten years office cleaning service!

This month we congratulate Beryl on completing her 10th year with Minster Cleaning Services Sussex Branch!!!

Beryl started with the company in October 2008 working for one of our longest standing office cleaning customers a prestigious brick manufacturing plant Sussex. Due to the nature of the environment, keeping on top of the cleaning can be a challenging task but building on her initial training Beryl has accumulated skills that only years of wisdom can enable. Beryl keeps this site sparkling year round and for this we are very grateful. Here are some top tips from this qualified queen of cleaning:

  1. Beryl’s secret elixir – Take 2 table spoons of  cider vinegar, and honey – every day (can be drank hot or cold).
  2. “Clean your site as though its' your own home, own it, put your stamp on it. After all you wouldn’t only half clean your own home would you?”

When asked what does the future hold in store for Beryl, she replied “no sign of retirement yet, as long as I can keep doing it, I will.”

  • Ten years is LONG time! Since joining Minster in 2008 Beryl has completed approximately 3,360 shifts at the brickworks site!  Meanwhile – ten years ago:
  • Petrol  prices were 97.9p /L
  • George W. Bush was president of the good old USA
  • O.J. Simpson was found guilty of charges of kidnapping and armed robbery
  • Gordon Brown was our prime minister
  • Johnson beat Livingstone to become mayor of London
  • And the Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy Triggered Global Recession!

We live in a very competitive world where everyone it seems wants to make their mark, regardless of any other achievements, you have certainly made a mark here in Sussex for your devotion to your job over these past years. You are a true gem Beryl!

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