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Newcastle branch & apprenticeship scheme with Optimum Skills

Full article taken from Optimum Skills Limited 

Journey to Date

Minster Cleaning are a cleaning company based in Blaydon upon Tyne. They also run another business from the premises called Pure Concierge. Both are owned and managed by Simon Bibby. Minster Cleaning are a nationwide company but this franchise in Blaydon employ around 130 people, they are one of the most successful in the country because of the way they are managed and run.

Progression to Date:

We originally approached Minster Cleaning as they were having a recruitment drive. During the initial meeting it was mentioned that Optimum Skills can offer companies apprentices. Simon asked if we could advertise for an apprentice in business admin. After advertising and interviewing around 10 candidates we came to Amy.  Amy was very interested in pursuing a career in business admin. She was interviewed by Simon, owner and manager of Minster Cleaning, and was successful. Simon stated that what really impressed him about Amy was, her wanting to build a career in business admin not just a job. Amy started her business admin level 3 at Minster Cleaning having already completed Level 2 previously with a different company. 

Minster Cleaning have had apprentices in the past and felt that we dealt with everything first class.  Simon thought that Optimum skills gave great communication from end to end and from all levels. Simon also thanked us for gettingwhat he thought and still does, the best candidate.

Since starting with Minster Cleaning, Amy has learnt how to do the payroll processes where she also identified improvements that could be made to streamline the process, she now does the invoices, debt recovery, orders stock and more recently has been given more responsibility.

“Optimum Skills have made the process of hiring an Apprentice very easy” – Simon

“I’m very happy with the tutor I have from Optimum Skills” – Amy

Next Steps:

As long as Amy continues to achieve at the same level, she will become a full-time member of Minster Cleaning. Amy is now looking forward to completing her apprenticeship in October 2019, gaining her qualification in Business Admin level 3 and developing with the team.

Simon is so impressed with Amy and her dedication that he is looking at hiring another apprentice.