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APSE conducted an on-line survey during May and June 2011, sent out to over 900 local authority cleaning contacts throughout the UK. 96 responses were received representing a statistically significant response rate of just under 11%.

A series of questions were asked covering attitudes to the issues currently facing cleaning services, their organisation and challenges for the future. The state of the market surveys were first compiled in 2008 allowing trends to be established and this year the questions were expanded to allow potential future comparison with local authorities in other countries.

The effects of the Comprehensive Spending Review and its effect on local authority budgets has undoubtedly coloured the views of cleaning managers:

Majority experiencing significant budget reductions and anticipating scaling back the cleaning and number of building cleaned with major consequences for staff

Despite the public rhetoric, minimal moves to shared services with adjoining authorities although more integration with other soft FM services.

A renewed emphasis on ensuring that tendering skills are improved to compete in a significantly more competitive marketplace.

Of those completing the survey, 93.63% were in-house service providers of whom 9.7% expected the service to be outsourced over the forthcoming year. 6.5% were already distinct from their host authority including contractors and wholly owned companies.

It is clear that in some cases outsourcing cleaning roles to a proffesional cleaning company is a good way forward and Minster Cleaning Services is able to offer you such a service. Please contact us for more information

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