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Properly Understanding the Need is Minster Cleaning’s First Step To Providing an Effective Cleaning Solution. Part Two of Two

The survey – If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it!

During the survey our assessor will spend the time with your site representative examining each and every area.  These areas would include toilets, office (single and multi use), corridors, kitchens, meeting rooms, surgeries, classrooms, consulting rooms etc.  The list is endless and each and every single room has to be considered for the elements and use.

Elements in a room would include the floor type, (hard floors take longer than carpeted floors to clean as they may need a two stage process), the electrical equipment, the IT equipment, the number of desks, the amount of traffic, the specialist use of the room (a treatment room takes longer to clean than a consulting room and a male toilet block in a similar sized room would take longer than the equivalent sized ladies’ toilet as it is likely to also contain urinals).  The list goes on and on.   You will note from the picture to the left that the toilet contains both disabled facilities (rails etc) and a baby changing area.  All will need to be cleaned and will, clearly take longer than a standard single seat cubicle.

No architect we have ever met decided to design a building so that the cleaning time would be exactly two hours a night!   In engineering Standard Minute Values are apportioned to tasks (SMVs allow for thinking time and small rest periods) so why should cleaning be different?

The Minster Cleaning proposal will clearly define what time we allow for each area and what tasks we expect to be carried out in this time.  The process, however, is not static and during the survey process adjustments will be made to the time allocation to allow the process to be refined.

Iterative process for improvement

This Iterative Process of quality is consistent with the Deming Process of Company Quality Management.  The process is a four cycle improvement program PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT.

During January and February 2020 every Minster Cleaning (Birmingham and Black Country branch) client was contacted and asked, as part of their quality system, to rank the service between 1 (low) and 10 (excellent).  The survey returned a result as follows:

36% of our clients scored the service 10/10

58.7% of our clients scored the service 9 or higher

The average rating from all respondents was 8.3 out of 10.

Calculated time per area

 A typical time schedule, per room, would look something like this.  A task sheet per room will vary depending upon the elements it contains.

For instance our surgery and dental site clients have specific requirements for us to clean in accordance with CQC (Care Quality Commission requirements).  The requirements do not only have excellent demonstrable cleaning routines but also robust methods of audit.

The results from the audit process will, again, be fed into the iterative process so that continual incremental improvement can be made.

These supporting documentary evidence pieces should be included as part of the quote and the needs discussed at the initial survey meeting.



Tasks per area (please note this is not from the same site as the timing sheet above)

Each area should be clearly defined with what is going to be cleaned on each visit as per the details above.  The example is from a site that required two day per week visits.  Each of the other areas (offices, toilets, kitchens etc) will have been defined in a similar way.

And finally what else should the quote include?  In part one, we discussed materials and holiday cover, but there are other aspects too.

These include, but the list is not exhaustive:

  • Regular communication
  • Risk assessments
  • COSHH details
  • Detailed safe methods of work
  • Out of hours contact numbers
  • Regular and clear invoicing


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