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Minster’s Coventry Branch going above and beyond for clients

Here at the Coventry branch of Minster Cleaning we know the great importance of maintaining a good level of cleanliness within health care premises to avoid the spread of infections. We follow the guidelines set out by the National Standards of Cleanliness, the National Specifications for Cleanliness and the revised Healthcare Cleaning Manual.

We know our cleaning staff are a huge part of this and are always working to improve the quality of the care environment for everyone.

We have put together comprehensive cleaning plans for medical centres which we are extremely proud of as they help us to ensure we do all we can to help.

We also ensure that the cleaning schedules and specifications are clear for our cleaners, so they know exactly what they need to do. Below is a snapshot of a template, showing the areas scheduled down one side and the cleaning tasks on the other side. We have then imputed the frequencies for these using a colour coded system.

As you can see, we always go above a beyond for our clients. If you are a medical practice looking for new reliable, consistent, trustworthy, flexible and friendly cleaning services with great value then please contact us now on 02476 470007.