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Properly Understanding The Need Is Minster Cleaning’s First Step To Providing An Effective Cleaning Solution.  Part One of Two

Overview – In this series we will look, in detail, in what goes into making a Minster Cleaning proposal.


On a daily basis the West Midlands branch of Minster Cleaning receives a number of enquiries to provide a cleaning quotation.  In some instances the enquiry may simply say “can you provide me a quote for two hours of cleaning per day, five days per week in the city centre please?”

But is this sufficient information to provide a competitive, client matched quotation?  The simple answer is no.  Only a very tentative indicative proposal can be made at this stage.

A site visit is always required to conduct a survey and discuss some very important aspects.

Let’s start with the legal elements first.

A. The Transfer Of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (click blue hyperlink text to see the document in full).

Employees have the right to transfer their employment to a new service provider (given that certain criteria are met).  This right is automatic and can only be challenged for a well proven Economic, Technical or Organisational reason.  For the sake of space I will not go into how each of these areas can be applied, however, we are more than willing to guide you.

Please note, however, that you should always consult with a legal advisor before following any ETO route.

When changing cleaning service providers this situation falls within section (b) of the criteria detailed below i.e. the client decides to change the service provider from one cleaning company to another.

B. Consider The Contract Already in Existence.

If you are already receiving cleaning services from a bona fide cleaning company then you should review the contract already in existence and, in particular the termination / determination clause(s).

Minster Cleaning West Midlands operates on a full three calendar month rolling contract basis.  Some contractors, however, have in place 12 month contracts with an automatic roll over clause if the contract is not cancelled by the specified date.

We have come across a number of clients who were required to receive service from someone that they considered provided a sub-standard service by not giving the appropriate notice by the given date.  Minster Cleaning West Midlands’ notice period is only 3 full calendar months.  This period allows us to safely consult with the current staff member and meet all other statutory requirements.


C. Compare Apples With Apples And Not with Pears

 1. The Financial Offer

Some cleaning companies like to quote for a monthly service (offer A) whilst other quote for a full calendar month’s provision (offer B).  The two sound identical, however, with offer A you will pay 13 instalments per annum (52 weeks per annum divided by 4 = 13) whilst with offer B you will pay 12 instalments per annum.

Minster Cleaning West Midlands quotes on the offer B basis i.e. 12 invoices per annum.  Below I have listed a real scenario that we recently came across.


XYZ Cleaning Company quotes to provide the same number of cleaning hours days and start times etc with invoices on a monthly basis.

XYZ quoted price £462.00 – monthly invoice

Minster Cleaning West Midlands quoted price  £485.10 – per calendar month.

On the face of it Minster Cleaning West Midlands’ quote is more expensive that XYZ company.

However, the reality is that over 12 months the Minster Cleaning West Midlands quote is actually less expensive by 3%.

Here is the maths to prove it.

XYZ Cleaning Company £462 x 13 = £6,006 per annum

Minster Cleaning West Midlands £485.10 x 12 = £5,821.20 per annum

Minster Cleaning West Midlands, therefore, offer a saving of just under £190 per annum. Not as it first seems is it?

2. Does The Offer Include All Materials And Equipment Required?

When considering the quote are there any additional payments that need to be made for equipment, materials or black refuse sacks?

Minster Cleaning’s quotations provide for all of the equipment and materials required to fulfill the cleaning requirements.  Some competitors charge extra for black refuse sacks and/or the materials used to complete the task.

3. Holiday Cover

Do all the proposals received provide the same level of holiday / sickness cover?  Not all contractors now commit to providing cover during periods of sickness and holiday.  The most companies will say is that they will endeavour to do so.

Minster Cleaning have a 98% record of providing holiday cover.  If we are unable to come to some agreement on the cover arrangements then the branch will compensate you for the lost up to the value of the day lost.


In the next information sheet we will look at remainder of the quotation / survey process

 If you would like to read about how Minster Cleaning West Midlands go about assuring Health and Safety whilst working please view our previous bulletin sheet