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Celebrating 25 years

Richard Holdich, owner at Minster Cleaning Services Hull, North and East Yorkshire is celebrating his 25 year anniversary of running a successful commercial cleaning business.

Richard explains why he chose Minster and what makes it such a sustainable long-term business: “I took on a new territory back in 1994. At the time I was looking for job security, while my dad, with whom I went into business, was nearing retirement but wanted to keep on working. Minster was the perfect fit and we’ve built it up from scratch. In some senses times have changed – there’s much more regulation – but in others they haven’t. People still want a reliable, high quality service.

We use the latest cleaning techniques and materials to provide the best service in all types of premises and settings, including medical facilities and laboratories.

We’ve been able to ride out economic troughs because we have such a broad portfolio of clients across many sectors. And having been operating for so long, we’re a trusted and familiar brand. One important aspect has been getting the right people, and I’ve got a few managers who’ve been with me for 24 years.”