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Glowing praise from Medical Centre in Diss, South Norfolk

Minster Norfolk is delighted to have received wonderfully positive feedback from a large Medical Centre in Diss, South Norfolk following its latest good CQC audit rating.

Minster’s CQC compliant cleaning programme includes a fully documented monthly cleaning audit which was praised by the CQC inspection teams during the audit.

In addition to providing CQC clinical quality cleaning to the medical sector, Minster also provides carpet cleaning, window cleaning, annual hard floor scrubber/drier deep cleaning and the provision of washroom services to over 40 Medical Centres in Norfolk.

Of local interest, The Diss Carnival takes place on June 9th where you can watch the fantastic variety of floats in the procession celebrating this year’s theme ‘Pre-DISS-toric’. Dinosaurs, cavemen, The Flintstones, Prehistoric animals and much more. (Source: