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Hertfordshire branch wins new dental cleaning contract

The Hertfordshire branch are pleased to have been awarded a new dental cleaning contract at a dental surgery in Broxbourne.  They will be cleaning the whole practice six days a week in accordance with the CQC standards.  The practice manager was impressed with the CQC cleaning plan.  Minster Cleaning Services Hertfordshire provide a site-specific CQC cleaning plan, schedule and specification for all our medical and dental practices and hospital.

In other news: Existence of new ‘super-Earth’ planet proved by University of Hertfordshire. The new planet is known as a ‘super-Earth’.  The planet’s existence has been proven by an international team of researchers, including boffins from the University of Hertfordshire.  The discovery has been announced to denizens of this planet in the journal Nature. Professor Hugh Jones, from the University of Hertfordshire and a co-author on the paper, said: “The announcement of the planet has been a long time in the making; initial observations of the planet were made by Dr Paul Butler at the Carnegie Institution of Washington in June 1997.  “However, we didn’t have enough evidence to conclusively support such a major discovery.” (Source: Welwyn Hatfield times)