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Walsall Branch Supports Global Hand Hygiene Day

The Walsall Branch is delighted to be positively supporting Global Hand Hygiene day on the 15 October 2018.

The branch believes that good hand hygiene is a most important factor if we are to reduce workplace and school absence. The Department of Education estimate that 60% of all school absences are due to illness. Effective hand hygiene should make a significant impact upon reducing this figure.

Minster Cleaning Services take a positive view of infection control and have a focused approach to cleaning hand contact areas. The branch also supplies washroom services to clients.

To find out more about Minster Walsall's office cleaning, medical, or window cleaning services please call 0121 354 9701 or e-mail

In other Walsall news, Local Walsall residents rallied round and donated over £5,000 to replace the hearing aids belonging to a ten year old boy. His original hearing aids were damaged by a group of six older boys who chased him and stamped on his hearing equipment. Local residents have also purchased the young boy a gaming station and games.  (Express and Star).