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Staffordshire's office and commercial cleaning team member turns chef

Today is the day for our second team member focus piece. We are delighted to be showcasing the hardworking and dedicated employees that make up the Minster Staffordshire office and commercial cleaning team. Our star employee this week in Anthony Camm.


Ant has worked for us for just under a year and he has gone from strength to strength and is now a solid member of the team. In his spare time, Ant is an avid cook! Initially when he began to cook he followed recipes to the letter but as he grew in confidence he began to change out ingredients and flavours he didn’t like. Through this experimentation Ant has managed to create delicious dishes, which are perfect for his individual tastes. Ant said: “Cooking is how I de-stress and switch off. I love to experiment and try different flavours and spices in dishes. I don’t want to cook anything fancy and fiddly, that’s not my style. I like the relaxed feel of one pot recipes. You can just tuck in to good hearty and easy to make food.”

Ant’s go to dish, which he regularly cooks for his mother and grandmother, is a one Chicken Moussaka. Ant has definitely developed from cook to chef has he can now create this dish with his eyes closed (we don’t advise using a knife with a blindfold on).  Ant added: “Cooking is the way I show my love and appreciation for people. I mostly cook for my mother and grandmother, as they are the most important people in my life. However, I do also enjoy cooking for my friends for informal dinner parties.”

We’d like to say a massive thank you to Ant for his hard work. Reliable and dedicated team members allow us to provide a reliable service with impeccably high standards.  

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In other news, Hickory Smokehouse, a popular restaurant specialising in “Deep South American style food” will soon be opening their doors to the people of Crewe. They are set to open a new restaurant in Shavington, Crewe, which is sure to be popular among locals. The team at Minster cleaning Services Staffordshire will absolutely be heading over there for some ribs or chicken. (Source: Stoke on Trent Live)