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Staffordshire branch's commercial cleaning regulations

One might assume that commercial cleaning at Minster Staffordshire is as easy as waving a feather duster and hoovering a floor. However, there is more to professional contract cleaning than meets the eye.  At Minster Cleaning Services Staffordshire we provide all our employees with full training in colour coding, floor buffing, floor scrubbing and healthy safety regulations. When we start a new contract, we carry out an onsite risk assessment and methodically go through which equipment and chemicals should be used and where. 

 A main aspect of commercial cleaning is the strictly regulated process of colour coded cleaning. This is the process of designating colours to cleaning equipment, which will be used in certain areas of a venue, reducing the spread of germs across areas and increasing hygiene throughout a business. The four main colours used and to separate out areas such as public areas, kitchens, food preparation and medical areas are red, blue, green and yellow.

Colour coding is used throughout a variety of industries where health and safety is paramount. The cleaning equipment colours are representative to their areas. The areas with the highest risk of germs, the toilets, are cleaned with red equipment. All medical and dental surgery areas are cleaned with yellow equipment – this colour is warning sign and is associated with hazardous and medical waste bags. Green is reserved for food areas, while blue equipment is used for general low risk areas. By following the colour coding rules and providing regular cleans we can minimise the spreading of germs and harmful bacteria.

It’s paramount that businesses and medical surgeries maintain impeccable cleanliness to adhere to health safety regulations. If your company requires a professional commercial cleaning services, then please give us a call on 01782 219400. Or you can check out our Facebook where we post regularly throughout the week.

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