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Staffordshire branch goes green

For our office and commercial cleaning update this month, the Staffordshire branch are delighted to announce that we are going GREEN!

We have recently switched our energy supplier to Bulb Energy. Bulb is a new company that is already causing a storm in the energy market. Their mission statement is simple “we’re making energy simpler, cheaper and greener.”

Bulb energy supplies all of the members, which now includes us, with 100% renewable energy and 10% green gas. Every unit of energy is brought from independent revewable generators from across the UK. By being with Bulb and we are doing our part to protect the plant. Every year we will save 1.3 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere and further damaging our climate.

Not only does Bulb help the planet but it also helps with our out going expenses. By switching to Bulb we will save £200 each month! 

If saving money and saving the planet sounds like something that you’d be interested in then give bulb ago head to

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In other news, the Wistaston Singers and Kipling Singers are performing a concert on Saturday 20th October in Union Baptist Church, Crewe.