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Floor treatment service in Sussex

Minster prides itself on being very flexible and versatile in the floor treatment services it can provide in Sussex, and by whom! In this instance, on of our local sites – just round the corner from the office, requested a deep clean of their wood flooring of 2 halls. Something their old site cleaner used to do as an extra for them. Needless to say at short notice on day in August, the office was closed for the afternoon while Hayden attended site with Mike to dedicated some time to deep cleaning thefloors. However, it became apparent the floors were really badly worn down (in need of a sand and seal!) and the initial clean didn’t leave that glossy finish. In stepped Julie to the rescue! This, as well as advice from our supplier of 15 years, advice from Nigel of the use of Hiflex floor polish and the skilled labour of a local cleaner David – the floors were given a new lease of life!

Before:                                                                                                         After:


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