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Minster Sussex's dedication to office and commercial cleaning clients in difficult conditions

Minster Sussex want to give a big thank you shout out to our Cleaner Support relief cleaning team for the support to our office and commercial cleaning clients. The weather, as we all know, has been pretty warm. Despite this our relief team have done the traditional British thing and carried on. Providing RELIABLE & CONSISTANT cleaning services to our customers throughout East and West Sussex. We know how hard cleaning work can be under normal weather, but in 30-degree temperatures we certainly do salute your efforts to ensure all our customers are kept happy. 

In other news, The Duke of Sussex is working on a project aimed at tackling knife crime. Prince Harry is pledging to work on the causes behind ‘sky rocketing’ violence, with staff at the Royal Foundation reporting back to Prince Harry any information they find when speaking to young people to identify key causes (Read more at the Telegraph)