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Minster Coventry wins commercial cleaning contracts

Minster Coventry is very pleased to have been awarded a new commercial cleaning contract recently.  Our new clients are a supplier of cutting edge design of garden containers & accessories in the Coventry area.

We are also very pleased to have won a new 5 days a week cleaning contract recently for a manufacturer company in Nuneaton who are leaders in quality prototypes and low volume sheet metal work.

In other news, cities across the UK are attempting to tackle the problem of pollution. Birmingham City Council are planning to introduce a congestion charge in the city centre. Coventry City Council, on the other hand, is keen to avoid implementing the charge. Coventry is one of the 28 towns and cities in the UK that are forecasted to exceed legal NO2 limits in 2020 and the council are working on a Local Air Quality Action Plan in order to tackle the problem (Read more at Coventry Telegraph)